We have been developing products based on "people" as our first consideration to develop new relationships between people, environment, and company. And now, we are putting further effort in creating and planning original products, and to keep on challenging in our business. We express our challenging spirits with consecutive "?" and "!". The question mark indicates our constant curiosity, and the exclamation mark indicates the result of the spirit of inquiry. We consider the joint of both "?" and "!" as our company proposition, and we will keep on providing services based on reliability, safety, convenience, and environment.

Since the times have changed from the times of amount to quality, resources and information have been changing rapidly. And now, not only the quality of each material and information, but also the harmony of way of life and the environment is being required. We are pursuing planning and development to be able to respond to each consumers' way of life, to enrich their souls, and to create a comfortable time and atmosphere.

We aim to develop not only the Japanese market, but also the global market, to improve the value of the company, and to be acknowledged worldwide. We will carry out our contirbution towards society by suggesting an affluent life, while considering energy saving and resource conservation from planning development, sales, and distribution.

Please look forward to the future of ASAHI ELECTRIC CO., LTD

Corporate Philosophy

Founding Principles

1.To maintain the ongoing viability of our business is our top priority, upon which all ideas and approaches shall be based.

2.Never cause anyone to regret their involvement with the company- whether a business partner or employee; in an internal or external relationship.

Management Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

We will value human contact, always view the other person's perspective when deciding and taking action, and we will contribute to the society by becoming a partner of one's electronics life.

Our Mission

We will strive to constantly develop new products and build new systems, and improve people's lives through electronics as a manufacturer/vendor.

Our Position

We will value our customers and business partners, and with our employees, we will strive to create a company in which the joy of helping society can be felt so that everyone may lead happy lives.

Our Corporate Vision

Through unfailing effort, constant improvement, and reinvention, we will aim to be recognized worldwide as an industry leader.

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